• David

    I’ll take note if it. I think I really need to focus on loving myself because my friends says it really shows that I dont so I guess this post is an eye opener.

  • Jamea

    I’ve just recently gotten out of a 2-year ‘passionate’ relationship with this guy. We even had our names inked on each others’ skin. But he suddenly turned into the “awful one”. It’s surprising that someone who used to love you so well can hurt you so bad. I needed this kind of article. Thanks!

  • Holly Clayton

    One thing I learned about relationships is that, you can never force yourself to love or even just like someone you’re not genuinely interested with. If you two ended up being together, it will not work out.

  • Tasha

    Women should realize that they should have their own “space” even when they are in a relationship. We should realize that we need to prioritize our wants and needs too.

  • Mary Anne

    This article is like an eye-opener for me too.  Since I’ve started dating, I never read a book or even went out with my girls. I stopped existing for my own self.

  • DrTranquility-Lydia

    Thank You for taking the time to comment!!