• eliza

    Taylor should´t be there

  • Melting Granite

    Flava Flav was the face of VH1, or VHL?

  • Ass

    Yes she should. She’s so annoying.



  • Amy L Mccluskey-murphy

    I’ don’t think she’s all that pretty or talented

  • Taylor Swift

    I agree that I most people think I don’t know how to date, but I write songs because I need to let the anger out some how.

  • brianc6234

    I hear you’re so ugly that dogs run screaming when they look at your face.

  • Amy L Mccluskey-murphy

    excuse me because I said taylor wasn’t all that? Maybe we should look in the mirror at yourself. What are you with the insults? 12? 13? Dogs and animals love me, it’s you who they want to maul to death. Get a life.

  • Hannah

    Taylor Swift does not have dating troubles. Why the hell is she on here then?

  • C.

    I know Taylor has relationship troubles, but seriously — why does everyone have to pick on her? It’s not like half the girls in the world don’t have the exact same problems in their own dating lives — they just don’t have the opportunity to tell the world when their hearts are broken. Maybe if they did, celebs — not just Taylor, but others — would get a little more respect. They’re only human, after all. Give them a break.

  • amanda

    hes my theory on why taylor has had so many relationships. well her first hollywood one was joe jonas and i think she really loved him (and they dated secretly longer then the relationship said it was). i think she was so heartbroken he broke up with her and so she wrote songs about him(yes more than one but the one that we know for sure is forever and always). so since then she hasn’t really had that good luck with guys. also she had john mayer who as we know is a bad boy and guess so is jake (which i didn’t know) i think its the guy she chooses she chooses these bad boys who break her heart. which give her #1 hits. the only good guys were taylor l and conner.

  • Froddoislost

    I’m sorry, Taylor, why don’t you just come on over and well talk about it.

    (que the Barry White music and a bottle of red wine . . .)

  • Junna QuackQuack

    Don’t call a celebrity a fucking faggot :)
    And fyi she didn’t exclaim that out .
    Stop hating .
    Peace !

  • Junna QuackQuack

    Oh ? Like you could compare :)

  • Junna QuackQuack

    I really agree on this .
    People should stop being nosy in celebrities’ relationships !