• Ram Moore

    A must read for those who want to spend more time with their loved ones. Very nice tips indeed!

  • Sander B.

    Great! Back to reality that we’ll be able to spend more time to sleep and get a beauty rest.

  • Kimberly Shanon

    More time to spend and let all excess fats burned and have a fit body!

  • Jeremia W.

    I just love the thought that Daylight Savings Time is about to end! Will make sure to spend more time reading!

  • Jenny Price

    Another time to think on how we can sizzle up our relationship! wow!

  • Sophie Knight

    It’s time to plan extra time with partner and make sure it’s going to be a unforgettable one.

  • James R.

    Oh thanks much to the author for giving out this ideas!

  • J. raiver

    I just love the idea of rising early and have a walk at the park.

  • Rob Naalie

    A must read before Daylight Savings Time end!