• Almasy

    This article is a piece of trash. Half of this article is saying she shouldn’t do things solely because “men don’t like that”. When did our lives require revolving around what men do or don’t like ? I hope to god that you’re actually still as young as this article makes you sound. Your views are extremely oppressive, and I pity you if that’s how you lead your own life.
    To top it off it wasn’t even well written, and sounds more like a gossiping teenage girl. Get a better grasp on grammar before writing another article. Try ‘googling’ the word ‘misogyny’ while you’re at it.

  • Maria

    I agree with author….Miley should keep her tongue in her mouth. It wasn’t pretty!

  • Julie J

    Miley Cyrus is pretty much a study in what not to do unless your profession requires standing on streets looking into passing cars. I suspect Liam Hemsoworth called it quits and took up with Eiza Gonzalez in less that 24 hours out of embarrassment.

  • Claire Thomas

    She was not saying that we should do things that men will like. She was going into detail that Miley Cyrus was attempting to be sexy and appeal to men, but did a bad job. Miley had one job, to be sexy and appealing to men, but failed. She was not saying that all women have to have their lives revolve around what men do or do not like, but that is what Miley Cyrus does, obviously. Besides, you are commenting on a blog about Miley Cryus full of articles about celebrity gossip. Do you really get to say that someone’s views are oppressive and that you pity their lives? Come on. Grow up.

  • Laura Bensen

    Wow. I don’t even know where to start.
    1. It’s about Miley Cyrus. Considering the subject material, you would have to be foolish or living in a hole to expect something classy to follow.
    2. If you highlight the Cupid’s Pulse icon at the top of the page you will find the description is Celebrity Gossip News with Love, Dating, Relationship Advice for Singles and Couples. Are you on the right site because my article hit those targets.
    3. My grammar is fine. It’s called stylistics. By the way, googling is a well established verb in the linguistics world (falls under the category of morphology) that even someone as stiff as Chomsky can recognize.
    4. As far as misogyny goes, you must have gotten too steamed up to finish the article because the serious take away message was to love and respect yourself first.
    It’s a funny article that touches on pop culture and if you think that telling the dating world not to put household object in their mouths is serious advice, you must have a very negative opinion of the human race as a whole.
    So please, get off of your judgmental grumpy high horse and learn to relax.

  • Slij

    Laura, you nailed it! Miley Cyrus should just stop. Just don’t. No! Put it down… now just sit there and don’t do anything. Miley…. I said to stop. Don’t you dare touch that foam finger again. Or the garden tools… or anything that you feel the urge to place in your mouth… your urges are feeble. As I said: Just don’t.

  • bubbles