• Geane

    Good advice. I really love your articles.

  • Chelsea

    Each of the 5 tips here just woke me up. I stopped chasing my dreams just please this guy.Too bad, he dumped me . Right now, i’m picking up the pieces and i’m chasing my dreams again. I’ve never felt so fulfilled!

  • single_me

    I’ve never felt so complete before when i was in a relationship. I am single now and yet I feel complete. I guess it’s with accepting the damn fact that I can be both single and happy. :)

  • Kara

    If a guy leaves you, let him…don’t chase him. a true gentleman would get down on his knees everyday reminding his girl how much he loves her.

  • Desiree

    I know I’m worthy so i deserve a worthy man too. If not, I’m not stooping down to his level.

  • Eloise

    I say, true love nowadays is a myth. Oh, i envy my grandparents!

  • Michael

    Solid tips especially the 3rd one.  If he’s slipping away, it’s because he knows he’s in control.  If you let him be, he’ll be the one to realize that he committed a huge mistake.