• Laura

    Very interesting article on how women should react to the so-called “chase”.

  • Sheila Burns

    For me, if I’m really interested in a guy who shows quite the same interest, why waste time in the said chase? Life is short so I’m gonna l-i-v-e it! :)

  • Diane Mathis

    It’s right that men like the chase but there are times when it actually depends with what type of man you’re dealing with. Of coruse, men are hard to understand as a whole. They are more difficult to decipher as individuals!

  • Micaela

    I’m all about sparks so if it does not work out on our first interaction, I always cut the chase and tell the guy bluntly that it will not work. We should have the last say too, don’t you think?

  • charisma

    there’s nothing wrong with having sex on the first date. It’s jumping in and finding out right away if there is a connection. If none, then no second date. It’s that simple.

  • Kay Spencer

    I will be always be hard to get. My prince will do whatever it takes to come and find me. Men won’t try to open your heart if your legs are already open.

  • renee

    we all have different ways of handling our men. perhaps we can use our feminine instincts on when to play hard to get or when to just let ourselves just jump in.