• Robert Parker

    Yes, I believed on all what you have discussed in here, many children or additional members of the family can change our lives in and out of our home but still we should find time for each other..

  • Gabrielle P.

    Expressing love for each other in many different ways will really make the relationship more stronger despite many activities the  couple is facing everyday!

  • Franz Ricks

    Yeah you’re right @Gabrielle P., sometimes too much work will keep us away from our family and that starts the conflicts among the husbands and wives, which is not healthy…

  • Colt F.

    Family bonding doesn’t necessarily mean that we always need to go out….even at home, family bonding takes place, just a simple gesture of showing our love and concern will do.

  • Edward H.

    Too much problems, work loads and extra-curricular activities outside will make you more stressful leading to a tired “You” when you get home, so, maybe the wife will always understand that nagging is not necessary to the scenario and will just make the situation into worst.

  • Amy Cook

    Great comments, everyone! Thanks for responding.

  • Teri

    Great ideas and thoughts Amy!!

  • Mccragun

    Thanks for the shout out ;)

  • B J

    It is hard for me to see how someone so young has such talent with the pen.Your writting is magic to me – you explain ideas in such a easy to understand way.Thank you for sharing your talent by helping others to better their lives.I look forward to your articles. They are so uplifting and helpful.

  • Wood Annmarie

    Loved it! Thanks for the reminders.  Just last night we were dreaming of vacationing in Chile! :) One point for us!!

  • LeMoNdrOp

    i really like this article. very inspiring. in every relationship it is always give and take.