• Lea

    Courtney is in for the win. She is brilliant!

  • Isabela

    The more I watch I think I am seeing who will win and for me its Courtney!

  • Billy Lavs U

    He should let Emily go and not Jennifer. I am so surprised!

  • Michael

    I think Courtney definitely deserves a shot at winning this. The girl is obviously working hard for it!

  • Tony

    No guy likes to hear their date say that they’re sick of being single. It throws a desperate tone on any of their actions, and makes the guy question their motives. Ben’s probably thinking that she’s not that into him, but he’s better than being alone… way to make a guy feel like dirt.

  • Marilee

    True. Besides, if you can’t enjoy your own company, your odds of being fun company for anyone else are nil.

  • Emily

    Girl’s feel the same way!

  • Venice

    Agreed! Sure, maybe she’s a little wild, but who says that’s a bad thing?