• Johanna

    I get annoyed whenever I turn the tv and saw that it was “The
    Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”. It won’t pass my standard when it comes to
    reality shows. For me they were faking it because you cannot fall in love that

  • Anthony

    discrimination is a serious problem in America nowadays. I just remembered
    President Barrack Obama who experienced racism during his candidacy.

  • Jill

    Jesse Csincsak is right. If there is one person who’ll stand
    up against him the rest will follow. I wonder why he had to take a legal action
    when he was the winner during that season. Hmm. Let’s see if he can win against
    Michael Fleiss.

  • Claire

    Are you sure? I love watching ‘THE BACHELOR’ and ‘THE BACHELORETTE’. They were just being true to what they felt. Those Bachelors are handsome and easy to fall in love with especially when you get to know them better.