• Leah Bloom

    Her book seems really cool, I’m definitely going to read it!

  • Julia Steinberg

    Yes me too! Seems like a nice easy read and the main character Sophie seems like she could be easily relatable, I love nothing more than reading a good book where I feel like the characters are my real friends lol

  • Jessica Frost

    Her weight loss transformation is inspirational!

  • Fran K

    Yes it is, and I love her advice on the fact that its a choice each and everyday and to plan ahead pack food etc.

  • deidra florence

    Awesome advice, if you plan the meals out you won’t get hungry and be tempted to pick up something quick and easy or take-out which is usually unhealthy!!

  • Toni Lynne Vadala

    I admire Allison Sweeney and have been a fan since she first began her career on #Days. She really has a grip on life, and living in it! Excellent article, and topics!