• Janey Willow

    Great advise from AshLee.

  • Missy

    Being open to love is great advise. I loved AshLee on the Bachelor and wanted her to win Sean’s heart.

  • Kim B

    Huh! I’d always thought AshLee Frazier was as well rounded as they came. Kudos to her for wanting to go even further.

  • Kathy Tull

    It makes sense that being a personal organizer, AshLee Frazier would want to get herself all sorted out to her own satisfaction before getting involved with someone.

  • Crista

    OMG, if AshLee Frazier isn’t well rounded enough to be dating I’m going to die an old maid. She seems to together compared to my chaos.

  • Hilli Green

    AshLee Frazier says she, “Wants to be Well-Rounded Before I Fall In Love.” OK, but then what was the point of being a contestant on The Bachelor? Sort of a contradiction to me.

  • Kathy Earl

    I remember AshLee Frazier on the Bachelor. She must have made an impression because I can’t remember who won the heart of the bachelor or even who he was. Weird.

  • J Tyler

    I saw some of those press reports that AshLee was dating. What makes a single gal dating into news just makes me think the reporter has to be too lame to put in any effort into find a real story that’s actually newsworthy.

  • KT

    AshLee Frazier seems so sweet, and, dare I say well rounded. I suspect by well rounded she means has more life experience before settling down.

  • Cheryl

    Another great Cupid’s Pulse interview by Lori.