• JennySte2

    Whitney! “Rumored to be dating Corey Bohan?” Audrina and Corey traveled Europe together last summer, spent the New Years holiday in Mexico together, she just got back from spending weeks with Corey and his family in Australia, and they are seen regularly going in and out of each other’s houses in California. Unless she dumped him when they got home, and that would be news, they are a couple and have been together for a long time. The question would be, is there a wedding in the future?

  • Kate Bosch

    When I was younger my older sister wore Curve and I was always sneaking a few sprays when I could get in her room!! Haven’t thought about them in while but definitely going to go check it out and buy myself a bottle!

  • Isabelle F

    “about how he acts around his family, how he treats his mom. That’s going to give you an idea of how he’ll be with you.” Absolutely love this, I couldn’t agree more! Sooo true ..

  • Jackee R

    Love Audrina ever since The Hills <3