• Anonymous

    Celebrity relationships often succumb to the pressure of the constant spotlight. In reality TV personality Audrina Patridge’s case The “Audrina” show was a  failure because Audrina never appeared on the show. She looked so different after her drastic reduction procedure removed her curves and cleavage. She can do whatever she wants with her body, however, the sagging and over 40 look she’s shown all year in high necklines and baggy clothes, flattened with no cleavage or shape at all  is not the Audrina we loved or look forward to seeing. Your picture is from the 2009 MTV awards when Audrina was still endowed. The AMAs red carpet this year proved she looks much better with some curves and boost to her sagging bust. A good push-up bra will do more for Audrina’s new projects and love life than some admission of affection.

  • Epler

    I have to agree with FrankNPuff! It seems like every time a celebrity couple gets pushed more into the spotlight whether having a reality show or not, they end up breaking up. Audrina’s show wasn’t that good anyways so I’m glad she decided to keep her relationship going.

  • Chevythug_34

    Right now work is extremely important to me since I’m single but I’m on my grind so when it’s time for me to have a relationship I can slow down a bit and follow these guidelines