• jean lewis

    Yes, I believe in soulmates as I already found my soulmate..and evertyhing that you have said are just right, perfectly right!

  • brenda smith

    It is only by instict that we can find our soulmates, not by our eyes but by our hearts that we can look after them…

  • shanon55

    Am pretty quite sure that it has a magnetic thing once you have your soulmate in front of you or even just for a simple will turn out to be you are emotionally, intelectually and physically attracted to each other!

  • pamela sean

    Sometimes we need to be more observant…feel not hear or even look at the things around us…for us to be able to search what we are waiting for…

  • haley mclloyd

    What do you mean by magnetic aspect? Is it what we feel that attracts us to somebody or vice versa?

  • mildred stewart

    Is it soulmate when you feel that you already knew the person though you’re not? ^_^

  • Yuuka

    I believe in soul mate and true love and i know he’s out there somewhere. so I’m declaring to the universe that i will meet my true love and live happily ever after. ~^_^~