• Agnes

    ingles are afraid to get married because they are afraid to lose their freedom. They get used to it too much that they can’t let go of it now.

  • Conor

    It really is stressful when you are already in your middle ages and you’re not married yet. I should get a copy of this one and find myself the love of my life.

  • Candace

    The fact that the one who have so many good opinions about relationship is single is really funny. I guess it really is hard to maintain a good relationship. It’s easy to say how but is actually very hard to be done perfectly.

  • Louie

    Wedding jitters are normal before marriage. You just have to focus on what made you ask her to marry you in the first place and that would take all the fears and worries away.

  • Grace

    I totally agree with you. Feelings should come naturally, it shouldn’t be forced. And for a relatioship to work, effort by both partner is really needed.