• Franco

    This is awesome! Opening a vintage store for everybody. That’s great!

  • kellen

    Wow! Seeing the reality tv stars in the opening of the shop, definitely a must to go and check the place!

  • Ingrid

    I am into TV reality shows and I just love to know that they actually ended up together.

  • Flory

    I have to tell my aunt to check the place. I love the interior and the place of course it;s the store of reality tv shows. 

  • keana

    This is going to be a far extreme wonderful place! great!

  • Ishana

    I am glad that they have finally switched on to business. 

  • Angela

    Right! They can even use it for Reality TV show set.

  • jackie

    My mum and I went there and the stuff were really nice and affordable. 

  • kellsie

    I got excited with all the stuff the store has for everybody.

  • jenis

    I just hope I could travel and shop and see them both!

  • Jenis

    This is actually what I was looking for! A vintage store and with the photos itself, I know they have good stuff. I will surely visit this place next weekend.

  • Lucas

    Who says anybody wants to miss the grand opening with all the celebrity who’s gonna attend the opening?

  • Macon

    Fantabulous! I just have a huge crush with Jeff Medolla, the mask man!

  • Jillian

    Me too! The mysterious guy effect. who says she doesn’t like him?

  • Janice

    I was so addict in watching the Bachelorette at Star World!

  • Oria

    Yeah! Even the host itself is cute! 

  • Tanisha

    I just hated Allie because she was not able to decide well which guy she wants to be with. 

  • Kurt

    I hate Ashley she was really into that guy without even knowing that the guy was only after her for some interest in sex.

  • Milly

    Kirsten Pittman is my ultimate crush, and she’s gonna be there on the grand opening? I have to file a leave from work that day.

  • Rye Neil

    I absolutely agree that this place will be a hit. Ann just have this fashion sense and she knows what she’s doing.