• Faye Adams

    It is truly admirable to find a man who has a different perspective in life and love. He has real depth with his thoughts. That is a rare find. I hope he finds his real love anytime soon. He deserves it. :)

  • baby cullen

    I admire a guy who can be a real gentleman despite really hard instances such as this. That I believe is the true yardstick of what a real guy is supposed to be… Hats off to you Michael! :)

  • Donna Summers

    One of a
    kind guy…He truly is a rare find. I hope I can find someone like him who
    would treat me with that kind of respect. I know that he will find LOVE; when
    he least expects it.

  • Ricky Denunzio

    Very humble of you to do that. I actually do not know what i will do in that particular situation. There are times that I cannot really control myself in extreme emotions; so I admire you for being calm. Wow!

  • Brent Philipps

    Happiness really is a decision and a state of mind. We really cannot dictate on other people’s actions; but we are in-charge of our own decisions. I wish you TRUE LOVE and when it comes as a surprise, you will be HAPPIER.

  • Donna Blaire

    People believe in fate. i believe in love. I think Michael is doing great with moving on and looking forward to greater things. It’s great that all these road blocks do not stop him from pursuing his passion for music. Good luck and Cheers!

  • Faith Hormell

    I admire a guy who has a deep faith with the Deity. A God-fearing man is a good man. One who values people in his life. So I believe that is his secret weapon for combating life’s trials– His faith in God– Applause to you!

  • Elle Petterson

    An optimist really emerges a winner; and that is really something that should be followed by people who seem to take life too seriously. Be a winner by thinking positive like what Michael did. Cheers!

  • Kevin Ranther

    The great thing about being single is being able to experience and evaluate life more. Michael is single but he does not despise love. I think that being open to anything; letting life take its course, makes him simply irresistible to women and men alike.

  • Caleb Denver

    Being macho is not enough to make a woman fall i guess. What matters more is being in touch with their souls. 

  • Micah Fabel

    I’m such a huge follower of Bachelor Pad 2; especially of Michael; so I know all the details of whatever he has gone through. I really admire his strength and his principles. I think his being so positive about it all, makes him bigger than what he seems. He truly is someone worth every admiration. :)

  • Princess Heinzelman

    I feel so mesmerized with him. He is the kind of guy you would love to take home to mom.He is also the kind of guy who would really be a devoted boyfriend or husband. Some girl would be so lucky to have him for a lifetime.

  • Darren Watts

    What do i like about Michael? OMG! everything!!!! I adore him.. He is so real and so loving… i watched every episode and fell for him instantly… I want him to be mine… if he notices my existence, that is.. :)

  • Darren Watts

    What do i like about Michael? OMG! everything!!!! I adore him.. He is so real and so loving… i watched every episode and fell for him instantly… I want him to be mine… if he notices my existence, that is.. :)

  • Gillian Keaton

    He has this pretty boy charisma plus the romantic voice… He is the total package and that is what makes him stand out all the more. I will support him all the way in his career. Keep it up!

  • Natalie Blanck

    I’m happy that he is happier now because he deserves it. I’m such an avid fan ever since I saw him on Bachelor Pad 2— I WAS HOOKED!!! Call me the classic addict– I can’t seem to get enough of him. He is a real sweetheart. Some girl just didn’t realize that; but it’s her loss.. I’m glad he is happy and free.

  • Joshua Kemmer

    I do feel for you Natalie but I guess that’s what life and love is about. Yo win some; ad you lose some. But everything happens for a reason. The pain is there to make you realize you are stronger than your pain. I also have high respects for Michael for the gentleman that he is in the whole ordeal. That is really rare for a guy to just be silent about it and try to understand. I guess he is really different and he is truly a keeper for women who want real love.

  • Shaina Buck

    Yeah I agree with Joshua. This is just a phase in Michael’s life and things happen for a reason. There is a better love out there. I’ve been through a lot of growing pains myself; and I pretty much survived unscathed and alive. I emerged better because of the experience and now I’m with someone that I love and who loves me back. That is what will happen to Michael as well. :)

  • Paula Cole

    I just want to say that I really love Michael and I know that he will hit waves of support from fellow fans. I love everything about him especially his heart and hit brilliant mind. Very few have that rare combination in this world. :)