• Jayda

    I’m with ya CP, Ryan Gosling is without doubt my #1 celeb hottie. Love your feature image- pure sexy

  • Liz Bradford

    Dating bad boys is thrilling but my advice is never settle down with one. Have your fun with them while your young and then go find yourself a nice romantic caring man to marry!

  • Tara Rothstein

    I would love to date a number of those smokin celebs!!

  • D. Erickson

    Johnny Depp all the way!

  • Holly Washington

    Ending up in tears with a gallon of ice cream in front of you .. haha sounds way too familiar- but yes for a hot bad boy sometimes it is worth it for the thrill of it!! Just remember what your getting yourself into and know that you aren’t there to ‘make him change’. That rarely works..