• Elisha

    I can’t stop reading this article over and over!  It’s true that nice dates and crappy dates do actually happen. The woohoo! dates do happen too. I believe that if he’s the one, sparks will fly all over the place.

  • Laura Stevenson

    I just can’t wait to be with my knight in shining armor. I’ve been waiting for too long. And I’m tired of going on dates without any assurance that this or that date will go well.

  • Estella

    The only guy that I had  ’woohoo dates’ with? He is my loving and faithful husband for 3 years now…and counting!

  • Kara

    I don’t expect that in every date i get to have, i will find the right guy to marry. I just enjoy the whole dating scene and I’m having fun. That’s the point right?

  • Ivy Rose

    I’m sure you’ll find your own knight-in-shining-armor too.Just don’t give up going out on dates yet. I found mine because I never did give up. In the long run, it’s all worth it :)

  • Lori Baptiste

    I have accepted my singlehood. I’m already 40 and I’ve never married yet. I just don’t feel the need to have a husband. But kids, I want kids.

  • Gwendolyn

    I guess you just feel it. Whenever i meet or just even see a guy that I’m attracted to, there’s this kind of electricity. There’s also this eagerness in a”I have to meet him”, “I’ve got to have him”  kind of way!

  • Heidi Munson

    LOL … I think I dated all of those guys! Wow.

  • Ladiesinthepink

     I’m glad as long as you are happy. On my 40th birthday, I accepted my singlehood but the difference is, I did not give up hope. I still wanted love in my life. I hope you get that. You deserve it.

  • Sam Russell

    I really enjoyed reading this. As I have always told my single friends: “If you can’t visualize your mate, then how are you going to manifest them”…I look forward to reading your book Lindsley and thanks for the honest dialogue!