• Bobbi Jean

    I actually was upset they cancelled the show, but I’m glad they air the episodes online!

  • Caroline Best

    Ahh I’m so excited for the finale I can’t wait to see who picks who…

  • Olivia Paris

    Wow I never thought of it, that once they pick a winner they can’t even really experience dating life with them because they have to be so secretive until the finale airs which could take months. That could be definitely damaging to a new relationship.

  • Nikki R

    Hm from the way hes talking it seems like they might not work out, I am interested to see what happens in the future with his pick.

  • Elianna Welsh

    I hope Angela wins, she is without doubt my favorite girl on the show!

  • Ivonne D

    Same me too, I love Angela seems like a cool person!

  • Trisha

    Hmm I was a fan of you Ben but you don’t sound very nice in this article to whoever you are with, you need to understand a woman that even if she is stressed do anything you can to make her feel better…after all, she went through that process for you.

  • buckeyebubba

    We now know that he picked Angela. Unfortunately, they were still “together” until about a month ago, and then it fizzled. The excuse of “time and distance” is pretty weak, in my opinion. As a retired Army officer, we’ve made our marriage work for 40 years through 16 moves and separations, raising two kids, 8 years overseas, and later as a traveling executive. The bottom line is that if you REALLY love the person, you will do whatever is necessary to get together, make it work, fix problems, and make the sacrifices. Love conquers all. All too many young folks today put the career, location, etc., ahead of making a loving relationship work. Do you want to be 60 years old with kids in high school or kindergarden????? I didn’t, and we got married in our early 20s, had two kids by age 25, and now have 5 grandchildren. News flash: your lover and true love IS the priority. Everything else becomes secondary. If you really loved Angela and she you, putting up with a little travel, hiding out, disguises, etc. is NOTHING. It’s a cakewalk. Sorry to see such little, petty excuses get in the way of what appeared to be a lifelong love story. If I were in your shoes Ben, I would have crawled through broken glass and fire between Dallas and Houston just to spend 5 minutes with Angela. I would have quit my job and shoveled garbage in Houston to be near her. Your loss.

  • buckeyebubba

    Doesn’t sound like he tried very hard. He should have moved to Houston, or she to Dallas. The love of your life is worth overcoming every type of obstacle for. If I were a young, single guy, a girl like Angela would be the center of my universe for my lifetime. These shows create a very artificial atmosphere, but if the feelings are there when the camera’s stop, then the real serious stuff has to start immediately to stoke the fire, make it grow, lead to marriage and a family. True, deep love, will not let the rest of the BS, including jobs, locations, finances, career, or anything else get between you and your love.