• Melanie T

    Seems like a great movie, always been a Julia Stiles fan. Definitely gonna go see, thanks for the review!

  • Brandy Whine

    I was in an almost failed marriage, then we went to counseling which I was totally against at first, but it actually turned our turmoil around and we could not be happier!

  • Chelsea Whitmore

    With so many film awards and the amazing Julia Stiles in one of the lead roles this is on my have to see movies this summer list.

  • Sara

    Whether I watch this with my girlfriends, alone or while on a date, I will be seeing this movie.

  • A Julia Stiles Fan

    I think Julia Stiles is such a great actress I’d watch this movie just to see her. I honestly think she’s on par with Tom Hanks when it comes to making a character real, and Tom Hanks is the most awesome actor on the planet when it comes to creating a convincing character portrayal. But the story of this movie looks to be fantastic too, so win win.