• hilaryrac

    nice to hear of at least one genuine celebrity relationship. Great job Jared- as always. I am excited to see if you’re right about the bump in a few months ;)

  • Christina Enright

    Ahh imagine another baby on the way, I wonder if you’re right will definitely be looking for more on this topic! Awesome analysis Jared, so happy to know that those two really do love each other so genuinely.

  • Caligirl

    Without a doubt my top 5 fave celeb couples, thanks for the great insight Jared!

  • Sadie Fenster

    Love that you referenced her closed fist as to Jay-Z being her rock, that is actually the title of one of my favorite Beyonce songs ‘You are my rock’ where she refers to him as this. Seems like their relationship really is the real thing.

  • Marge

    I, also, believe Beyonce may be pregnant. I love Jay Z’s attentive behavior to the one he lovesl I just hope she is the only one he loves.