• macy

    Do nothing day with your bf/gf by sitting or lying around without talking each other just feel the beat of your hearts.

  • jlowannabe

    The article is helpful. The usual things that couples do are quite boring and sometimes costs a lot of money.

  • richmark

    I trying these stuffs will be of great help not just financially but will be of great help in many aspects of the relationship.

  • britty

    you don’t need to impress your partner you need to be consistent in every aspects of your relationship that’s counts a lot!

  • berty

    I think being consistent is not challenging at all. I like changes, surprises, they make relationships less saturating.

  • thom

    It doesn’t really matter how you spend quality time with your partner. No need to go on dinner dates with her. Just stay home, watch movie on DVD and cook for your husband. We would appreciate it more.