• Jessie

    True! So true! Being single is like being free as long as I am still young I have to wonder and discover more of my options. Single Rocks!

  • Jerson Scott

    I think you are right and I also would want to know the answer to why I am single for many years now. I dont know its just freaks me out when I think about my age. I really enjoyed reading this post and I surely can relate to it.

  • Precious

    Being single is the best decision I’ve ever made last year 2011.

  • Andy W

    I like this page. Single means not tied and for me its another term of FREE

  • Andy W

    Well, I guess for your case since you should find the right one. Good Luck Jerson

  • Tony

    With so much attention being placed upon pairing people up, it’s both surprising and not that the majority of us are still single!

  • Lawrence

    I am loving the single life! I got married really young, got the family part out of the way, and now am ready to enjoy the rest of my life. I might want to settle down eventually someday, but please, not yet!

  • Rita

    Talking with my friends, I realize that there’s a lot I take for granted being single. I do what I want whenever I want… it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, but I know I’d have to make a lot of adjustments if had a boyfriend…

  • Doug

    I have a very intensive career and a lot of close friends. I would like a relationship, but I simply don’t see where I can find the time right now.

  • Joy

    Hate to be shallow, but I’ll say it – relationships cost a *ton* of money. After listening to all my broke friends struggle to buy Valentine’s Day and Anniversary gifts while I mull over which new car to buy and where to vacation next, I don’t envy them at all.