• Micaelah

    Money can destroy your relationship or marriage.

  • wendell

    I experienced this once when i got my girlfriend who just used me just get some money from my parents. At first, i did not know what she’s up to until lately that she changed a lot and then after 2 weeks we’ve just got a news from my friend that she is gone and had leave the town wiith 20,000 dollars. Some people just use people making them their girlfriend/boyfriend just to get money…

  • Stanley

    If you share love, money, or everything, your relationship would go perfectly but if one does not, relationship might not work…

  • Markie

    Why do people had problem with money when it comes to a relationship? Relationship has a purpose that you have to share it with your partner, not everything that you have but anything that he/she might share too in return…

  • robert thompson

    sometimes i do not understand relationship involving a money problem..i really can’t relate to that..

  • Queenie White

    If any one among you have money problems, why don’t you guys figure it out and make things right, it is just money, you can earn it anytime you want if you can work it out.