• Kristine

    BieberBieber should stop doing PDA because it is nice for his image especially for Beiber fans. 

  • John

    Its obvious that Bieber and Gomez deserves to have the number one spot. I am not a Bieber fan and I am not telling this because I don’t like him but he is way too much and he should act like an adult. He is no kid no more.  

  • Victoria

    PDA is not that bad but doing too much and too often in a place where too many people can see then its a different thing. Sometimes it may look sweet but too often its NOT.

  • Peter

    I saw this picture before and I wont ever forget that. Justin got way over his head with his actions. So young and so reckless! 

  • Steve

    As long as the “P” remains “public”, and not “pornographic”, it’s all good with me — b/c unprovoked subway menage’s are bad for your health!

  • T

    What’s wrong with Bieber having fun with his lady? Bieber’s got a right to show his love.  We’re watching him….just turn away and don’t look if you feel uncomfortable!