• Sarah

    i’m a cougar and i’m proud of already 52 years old but i’m still hot..i got a boyfriend whos 25 years younger than me.We are lovers for 3 years and counting.We truly love each other..

  • Belle

    Age doesn’t matter as long as you really love each other so much and as long as the trust is always there.Well anyways age is just a

  • Meryl

    Just follow your heart and choose someone that will surely makes you happy regardless the age gap.:)

  • Madel

    the Cougar invasion will sure last for generations. Hurray for the cougars out there.

  • Noel

    Compared to teen girls i am much attracted to cougar ladies.They might older than me but i think they are sooo hot..

  • Louie

    Well Demi is right,there is still hope after a divorce.i can relate to that.They split up for the better.