• Clark

    I think I will go with Ellen and Portia since I love Ellen. And just by watching her or describing her should be close to the word down to earth. 

  • Lisa

    Rob and Kristen! I am a big twilight fan and I love them. Among the list too they are the most beautiful couple ever! 

  • Lea Z.

    I like what you said and I think we are millions in numbers when it comes to twilight fans. 

  • Alvin

    This surely is a nice list but I wonder why not include Beyonce and Jay-Z. 

  • Jordin

    Its amazing that these people are having fun without the media following them too much. For sure these couples has higher rate of success when it comes to their relationship.  

  • Randolph

    I don’t think so. So sorry but I don’t like Ellen at all.  

  • Angel

    I know they are private couple but they are way too popular that’s why.

  • Carrie

    I have to agree on Ellen/Portia, Hilary/Mike and I would add Kyra/Kevin Bacon. They all seem so in love and very normal couples. Couples you could hang, double date with and the youngest couple of the three have lasted 5+ years.. It’s 15 in Hollywood years lol.

  • Carrie

    It’s just I have heard a lot of their party rumors about John/Emily. A la Will/Jada.

  • Carrie

    third* not their