• Jack

    I think Beyonce and her partner should have one. They are
    rich so I guess they can stop what they are doing and take a long well deserved

  • Kendall Stone

    Everybody deserves to have an extra time to rest in order to have a healthy body. 

  • Mia

    Brad and Angelina really needs this extra time to rest! with all the busy schedule they have and 6 kids? 

  • Claire

    Maria really gave it all to her family and husband. She definitely deserves to have an extra hour to sleep, knowing that she’s got a really buzzed life! 

  • Queenie

    In Hollywood, I really adore most Brad and Angelina, They were able to keep a great family despite all busy schedule they have. 

  • Nelly

    Right! Even if they have adopted children including their own kids, they manage to keep some time for themselves and they absolutely deserve time for an extra hour to sleep since DST is over. 

  • Luis

    So glad DST gave me another hour to sleep and rest together with my family. 

  • Simmon

    Since DST is over and It gave us extra hour to sleep better make sure we utilize this precious time into something useful to us. Never miss a single time for nothing! 

  • Shannie

    You are perfectly and absolutely right Simmon! We better use this time in spending with our family.