• maley

    They creep the hell out of me! I hate this couple!

  • elsie

    When will you ever believe that Bieber is a homo! lol!

  • kham

    Yes! I’ve seen Kristen and Robert showing affection! Watch it on Youtube! “Kristen and Robert Making out on a Balcony at Cannes!” 

  • khene

    I’ve seen that too. And I’ve watched it a thousand times. 

  • khim

    Leave Rpatz and Kristen alone! If they don’t like to be PDA, that only means they hate showing it. Maybe it’s the way of saying, “Hello! We’re not doing this for Twilight!” 

  • mickey

    Oh gosh! Kim Kardashian again and again. I never liked her! Except from the fact she’s hot. but not as hot as everyone thinks.