• Guest

    Sam Mucha and Danny Curry 

  • Robby

    I thought Britney and Justin are heavenly made for each other but I am still their big fan.

  • Deliah

    Rihanna and Chris Brown..

  • Michelle

    Wow I know Jen and Brad really looks good with each other but Brad and Angeline is way better together.

  • Bianca

    I cant think of any but my votes are for Jessica and Nick. I wish them to have a chance….

  • Unsoultied

    In Latin circles, I think folks were surprised when Jen married Marc. He is thought to be womanizer.  I did not see the relationship lasting. Justin and Britney were cute though.  Some say every cheating man is the result of a woman who broke his heart.  I think that’s crap, but Britney did seem to do quite a number on Justin.