• Ben

    I don’t blame them shopping is fun but of course if you have money to spend with.

  • Jared

    Hmm… How much do you think they spend in a day?

  • Angelo

    He just hates going shopping with me! 

  • Sabrina

    My husband does not have patience whenever I tag him along for shopping. 

  • Portia

    He will just give me money and tells me just call my friends to go with me and shop. But he will never ever go along with me! 

  • Rafaela

    My significant other who loves to shop with me is my mum! We really enjoy shopping together. 

  • Rocci

    I don’t want to bring anybody with me when I go shopping! 

  • Jamila

    I prefer to shop alone because I have the freedom to choose what I really want to buy. 

  • Karina

    I always want my partner to shop with me because I could ask him if the item I’m buying fits me well. 

  • Kristy

    Shopping is my passion! Especially if there’s a sale on a certain mall. I always make sure I am present. LOL! 

  • Edwarda

    I hate shopping when my mom’s with me. She always demands to buy her something expensive! Holly Molly! She’s got money! 

  • Tianna

    I just ask my mom to buy something for me. I hate shopping. 

  • Marmel

    I love shopping toys for my favorite nephew. My brother is jealous because I don’t buy him one anymore. I just give it to his kid. 

  • Micah

    I just hate shopping with my dude. He hates it! And I can’t shop what I want. 

  • Sammy

    Because of the nature of my job, I am so busy and my week is always full of appointment, I just hire someone to shop for me. 

  • Roy

    Hired someone to shop for you? That’s pretty cool! But I think it’s very expensive. 

  • Sammy

    It is. But it’s worth a lot. Very contented with what he shops for me.