• quinn

    Couple who always get divorce and break-ups with partners should be better off single and just date. I think if a person gets in to heartbreaking situations many times. They are the ones who have problems. Not their partners. 

  • alicia

    Justin Bieber is Gay! 

  • mich95

    Is there any thumbs down buttons here??? I’m Justin’s fan and he’s not a gay!

  • steve

    J.Lo never had a stable relationship. I wished for him and Ben Affleck to be together forever, but it really did not work for both of them. 

  • coom

    Why couples in Hollywood are usually meant to split up? They’re like, they have a perfect life, hot partners and everything. I don’t understand.

  • salter4

    That’s the consequences that they have to face. Perfect people can never be with another perfect person. That would be unfair for normal people.