• Desiree

    This may sound cruel, but other than Kate Middleton and Prince William, I don’t see any of the couples listed being together long enough to share baby’s kindergarten graduation.

  • Cynical Sue

    First off I have to say I love the dating advice on Cupid’s Pulse. That said, I know there are people who hang on every word and deed done by celebrities to fill their own empty lives. But I have a full life of my own and I love it, so I couldn’t care less what celebs do. Just sayin’.

  • Summer Worshipper

    Fergie is pregnant? Huh? I didn’t know that. But then summer is a time I rarely keep up on what’s going on in celeb land. That my entertainment for when the thermostat has to be turned up and it gets dark before dinner.

  • Jackie

    Desiree, Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson already have 3 kids, so I’m sure they will hang in there. Royals on the other hand can be counted on to be messing around on each other and little else. They are only good at embarrassing themselves and anyone who thinks they still have any relevance in the world anymore.