• Jacob

    I think Jeniffer went so fast when it comes to changing partner and I dont now whats her reason choosing someone who is younger but that surely builds her popularity even more.

  • Michelle Anne White

    Kim and Kris = to fail relationship is also equal to = fake relationship

  • Linda

    I dont know what Jen found with that small guy. There are a lot of hot guys out there why him? still not getting it Jeniffer.

  • Ivan

    How long was it again before Jeniffer found Casper Smart Guy.

  • Carlile

    I like what you said. I think Kim just took advantage of the situation so its no doubt that they have no future together.

  • Abiola Abrams

    Love it! Thanks, guys. xoxo

  • Ellen

    If calling Arnold’s act a “mistake”, where does it leave people like me? Perhaps an extreme error of judgement on his part.

  • Unsoultied

    I would like to add “tattooing Billy Bob’s name on your arm”.