• Marky David

    Yes we, guys are pretty much straightforward. We are more into results and not just plain words. That is precisely the reason why we hate confrontations.

  • Lauren Love

    yeah maybe; but men are like puzzles a lot of the time. Still so hard to figure them out..LOL

  • Shezy Samson

    I agree Lauren. They are very complicated but at the same time are simple to please. I just don’t know what goes on in their head for real..:P

  • Norman Wesley

    Men love romance. We just do not want girl who become needy to the point of suffocation.

  • Justine Powler

    Insecurity is so not sexy.I want a woman who has confidence and are quite independent; but not too much though.. I still want to be needed..

  • Milly Cyrus

    See Justine! that’s what makes men difficult at confusing. But I believe that relationships need two people to make it work. :)