• Carol

    Don’t you just Love Patti? Those five love dating rules rock! However, i find the rule about monogamy and not having sex a bit over conservative. A little not too much like her. I mean the no sex thing is not anymore practiced these days. Other than that, I think she is really awesome and there is so much to learn from her.

  • Lily Green

    Wow! You made me so excited about the upcoming premiere of The Millionaire Matchmaker! I can’t wait anymore for the new shockers this show would  give!  I just so love  Patti Stranger, she is a darling! I am most excited about her own search for Mr. Right. I admire and agree with all her principles about finding the right guy and having a baby!  Surely I will never, ever miss this season’s The Millionaire Matchmaker! Go, go, go! 

  • Thomas Cruz

    I like the 5 dating rules that were mentioned. In fact, I always believe in rules like these, and they totally adhere to prolonging a relationship. Her advices are in fact out of her experience, and have deep wisdom behind. Patti is such a darling here with her words, and definitely she has got my vote of respect.

  • Jawad_ma

    These thing really enlightened me a lot in managing relationships. The rules that have been suggested here are mindblowing, some of them are already are in my rule book(in my mind), which I follow most of the time, and they are cent percent right. I will keep all these things in my mind from now on to get onward in my relationships.


  • Kristine

    This article is very interesting and helpful especially to those who are single and thinking that they’r having a hard time finding the right person. I like the rules of dating which I think people who are dating should follow. Patti’s idea of dating and relationships are amazing. keep it up! 

  • Momo Csay

    This is a very interesting article if i must say so myself . To be honest I think maybe Patti Stanger could fix some relationships that have been corrupted which most likely lead to economic problems . This article has changed my view on matchmaking.

  • Srjac

    The values of dating have been determined by the personalities which may chage periodically. Hunting for money? Hunting for well Being? Hunting for love? The values may be for temporary needs. But finally a human being does seek for everlasting values and carries within a great yearning. To seek the natural way to have children, to care for children along with the partner in a natural way.. perhaps to fill the gap suffered in the childhood for the conflict between the Parents!  Many chapters in life perhaps will be closed but that chapter for lasting values remains ever wide open.

  • praveen

    realy it is intresting article,dating rules appreciable,dating is a fashion today, this artcle helps what to do and not exspecially dating rules, i dont think so that we can get perfect partner by dating, but if we follow some rules which given by patti it might be helpful to find a perfect partner 

  • bushra

    This is an interesting blog now a days dating is common among teenagers and this articles will help them to know good things about dating and maintaining relationship.i will also always remember these useful points and share them with my friends too,

  • Pankaj garg

    This is a great entertainment as well s informative. Dating is part of our social life and we are greatly influenced in this by our celebrities. I like many other things on this site especially the quality of the poll. keep it up, This is surely a nice piece of work. 

  • arzoo786

    This is veryinformative and helpful article specially for teenagaers who are always looking for some tips.i like this arcticle and i will always keep this in mind.and i will share these tips and articles with my friens too i am sure they will love it too.

  • Mtrguanlao

    Nice work in your blog! Dating is something trendy nowadays! Lots of people do enjoy meeting others and who knows,they might meet their special someone here!

  • Michael Porter

    This article is very interesting because it is about something which is involved in most of our lives: Dating. It contains information which would appeal to a younger audience. It encourages people to find their Mr./Mrs. right!

  • Dymo75

    Great interview, and thanks for those tips too. Especially the one about things not working out. It’s important that we don’t marry someone we don’t love, because we’ll be together for the rest of your life. At least you should be. I’m still finding my partner!

  • Vi Trinidad

    Oh this is a wonderful site and quite secured place where singles can mingle and bond.I like your rules and regulations concerning ethics and good manners.This is almost a reality kind of show for singles finding the right partner and having all those exciting and interesting publicities as well.