• Sonny

    It surely is really hard like what I am having right now because I am a beginner when it comes to business but I am also trying to date someone that I like so much. But the problem is that I am having a  hard time with my schedule because my business requires me to be on my computer almost 24/7 so its really hard. 

  • Tracey

    Number 2 is what I think is the most important is to support your partner and be understanding.

  • Dmallen

    If there would be any chance to be married to an entrepreneur, maybe he’ll be the luckiest man in the whole world!

  • bells

    Yeah, I agree it’s very hard for a wife to spend free time with a very busy husband that has only “sleep time” for a free time. 

  • tin777

    hmmm… wish I had a chance to date a businessman.