• gael

    I never thought that being mysterious could be scary some times. 

  • danna

    When I think of it, “being plugged in” could also be a “red flag” many relationships are destroyed because of using Social Media in a maximum level! Ouch!

  • keith

    There’s a big difference between being mysterious and being shady. =) mysterious is hot! shady is creepy. 

  • parry

    I’ll keep my eye open for that!

  • ely

    I really don’t see the point many girls like talking about their exes. It’s really dangerous. It don’t make us jealous!

  • anne

    Oh really now? Well, here’s the thing! You have to cut that impression that we’re making a guy jealous over our exes. It’s just that we do it intentionally because we hate the guy we’re dating. =) Hope I’m making myself clear. 

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