• Elisia Clark

    Desiree is such a beautiful girl! I hope she succeeds in her fashion endeavors.

  • Sarah T.

    Desiree Hartsock is so great. I am really happy for her and hope happiness and her fashion venture both sore!

  • Joan E.

    I have seen Desiree Hartsock in so many interviews. She really is a sweet as she looks and she is so bright.

  • Eva Quinn

    Young women should heed what Desiree Hartsock advises. She turned a stint on The Bachelor into her own season of Bachelorette, but also has a budding career as a designer. It is her personality, so sweet, and always so positive. I am sure she will go far in whatever she chooses to do.

  • anonymous

    Eva, I agree completely. I am close to Desiree’s age and I can not believe the wastes of space I am surrounded by when I go out with “the girls”. They are my posse from college, but other than one exception none want to do anything, be anything, or go anywhere in life. It was OK when we were teenagers supported by our parents, but those days are over. Time to grow up!

  • Yasmina Krone

    I could not believe it when Desiree was the 4th runner-up on the Bachelor. I was so happy when she was the Bachelorette for a season. I am even happier knowing she is doing well in her career too. She is just so sweet. Chris Siegfried is a very lucky guy!