• Corine

    We need food in order to survive. Yet we have to make sure that we eat only healthy foods. 

  • vienna

    Holidays should be considered as guilt free pass day! We should enjoy it with festive food and with our family without thinking that we are on diet. 

  • mary beth

    I don’t care whatever the occasion is. As long as I enjoy and I am contented with what I am eating. I don’t care about my diet! 

  • katrina

    My plan on how I’ll spend my Thanksgiving was a blast! We definitely had fun all day long. 

  • Janina

    Before Thanksgiving I made sure that I have invited everybody in the family. I don’t want to miss this day to spend it with my loved one. 

  • Tiny Whitford

    These past weeks, I’ve been so busy with my job that I chose to spend the holiday at home and sleep. 

  • Charina

    It has been a tradition that we spend it boating and fishing with a festive food at the deck!