• Angelo Grind

    I agree with you, men always wanna have their own privacy, like me I never allowed any of my girls to have the key to my apartment, I don’t want any of them to invade my privacy LOL

  • Nick O’brian

    Hahaha same here dude! Or else any time there would be a war XD

  • Bobby33

    I am not afraid of commitment but I seldom commit, its not because I didn’t find the right person but because I feel that if there would be somebody who would come again I might have some change of mind ^_^

  • Karlo Midtown

    ‘love sexy women, really but you’re right, its more of loving them naturally instead of having a fake thing inside their body! 

  • Zanjo Smith

    I know right LOL You are right Karlo, sexy women are lovable but what’s important is the way they carry themselves :P

  • Jet

    Dr. Smith is writing a book about men? I don’t get it. I thought he was focused on health and dieting.