• Aileen

    Thank you for the tips! I find it really helpful because I’m one of those people who get panic attacks whenever I have a date.

  • Ivan

    Being confident and comfortable with yourself is really the key. Once you hvave it, it will be easy for you to be comfortable with others as well.

  • Michelle Lendervid

    I just can’t understand myself. Even after experiencing a lot of dates, I still get really anxious when I’m asked for a date (especially when I like the guy who’s asking). Might as well try these tips and hope that I’ll be ready for my next date.

  • Michaelj Barrett

    Dr. T’s Date Therapy protocol really works!  If you are serious about finding the right person, try Date Therapy — professional and proven.  Send Lydia a note at

  • Dr.TranquilityLydia

    Thank you all!!

  • z919

    I always get butterflies when in a date and oftentimes it leads me doing some really awkward things. But I don’t stress myself out when these unfortunate things happen, I always find a way to enjoy my date no matter what. 

  • Wyelland

    Experience is the best teacher. Just go out there and have lots of dates and your effective dating self will come out naturally.

  • EmMa

    I can still remember my first date when I spilled my coffee on my date. I was just too anxious and uncomfortable. Good thing that it still ended up well and was followed by a couple of dates after.