• Kenneth

    I think Eva was just acting maturely. Besides it was a
    Burlesque show so expect things to be unexpected.

  • Janine

    Date with the person you love, is just amazing. I’ll keep
    those tips. Thanks!

  • Albert

    Keeping your interests together will result to a good date.

  • Dillon Craig

    I think fancy and expensive dinner dates are so overrated. A road trip with some pizza and beer; with chips would be awesome and exciting!

  • June Cobb

    Going to a museum
    would be something educational and different. This will further show the
    intelligence in your partner. Challenge each other with some trivias as

  • Georgia Laker

    Dating outdoors in
    the mountains would really be exciting and can be scary too; which adds up to
    the whole experience!

  • John Gillin

    Street eating to
    some chinese restaurant would be fun to do; minus the expenses.