• Rex

    Wow…. Great insight.  It’s nice to know the biggest actors and actresses have the same emotional issues as everyone else.
    Great to know the world has access to someone like Charly to help out with their own version of celebrity breakups.  More importantly Charly is the right alternative to finding your own multi-million dollar
    relationship.  A relationship where the investment you make in yourself yields a lifetime of gold.  Get the book, I did and it works.


  • Mary

    It’s a fact that women suffer the most during break-ups. I just hope that Demi would still find herself being worthy to be loved.

  • Khim

    We all learn so much from heartbreaks. As they say, you can always see light at the end of the tunnel. So I guess there’s no better way than to move on and find happiness once again.

  • Junalyn

    Whoever hurt Taylor Swift just made her more popular. Her songs are always a hit! It just proves how almost all people can relate to her heartbreaking stories.

  • Annabelle

    Why is the world so unfair and let women suffer emotionally for a longer time after a break-up

  • Marlo

    The hospitalization of Demi Moore due to her break-up with Ashton shows how difficult it is for her what she’s actually going through. I think the media made it all worse by meddling with her private life.?

  • Lhady

    I say don’t be bitter and just be better. There’s so much to look forward in life! Move on and one day you might bump into Mr. Right.

  • Charly

    Yes Lhady, better over bitter is best. Mary you’d be surprised at how many men hurt more after a breakup than their exes… it really is about the person, who they choose and the situation.
    Taylor has mastered the ability to recycle her exes into gold —she gets the lessons and shares her experiences in ways that more than make up for any emotional deficits. Put you first by using your previous romps in romance to give you the info you need to choose a better partner and you’ll be thankful you dated and dumped his ass ; )