• Stephanie Cryle

    That’s so sweet! I am so happy for the both of you and I do hope that this will last forever. 

  • Danna

    I am so happy for them so hope that there won’t be haters about their wedding because they deserve to be happy too.

  • Roslyn Greenhill

    HOT COUPLE !!! xoxo

  • Scott

    Congratulations! I can see in their eyes that they are crazy in love with each other. Best wishes.

  • P8910 _ Beautiful

    Ah… so cute and sweet. Don’t mind other people talking negatively about your relationship just be happy and congratulations again. 

  • Dredge

    This just shows that even in reality show people can find true love.

  • Jackson

    Just by looking at the picture really shows what love is truly about. And I hope that this season they will end up happily just like this couple.