• Michelle Sue

    I think Lamar and Khloe’s marriage is not stage. They simply love each other.

  • June

    What was she thinking? A newly divorced man is depressed and comes a stage that they are often desperate.

  • Stacy

     I really want a childhood friend. I do not have one because my family and I transferred often when I was a kid. The relationship Khloe and Malika is precious.

  • Kristine Daff

    I saw one episode of Khloe and Lamar reality show and Malika is telling Khloe she want to have her boobs bigger. I was laughing out loud when Khloe told Malika that she can have her fat suctioned and transfer it to Malika’s breast.

  • Shelley

    The relationship of Malika and Khloe is very nice. The best theme song for them is “Friendship Never Ends”.

  • Unsoultied

    Great story. I adore her. I was pulling for her and Rob, but while the chemistry was there, he just did not seem to be in a place were commitment (or even respect) was possible. I think the fact they salvaged their friendship speaks to her forgiving/mature nature because after that whole Rosa incident, I would have pimp slapped Rob. Lol! By the way, does anyone actually believe that Rosa woman was ever preggers?

  • Charie

    i really admire this young lady Malika. She had been very strong in dealing with every circumstances especially when it comes to her love life.

  • Gwen

    Khloe and Lamar are perfect couple.  It is good thing to know that they manage to handle every problems that came to them,. It is really good that they always talk about every problem they have.

  • Vannie

    ..I used to watch this show and i’m head over heels with Malika and Rob’s team up. Hopefully they will decide to have a commitment..