• Alexander

    I hope he learned his lessons and to Rihanna hope this is not a pr thing.

  • Alberta

    Am I reading this correctly or is there something wrong with this news? Are they going back together too? I’m a solid Rihanna fan but I disagree on this one. It may be just a song collaboration but this might lead her straight back into his abusive arms!

  • Gayle

    Maybe they already got over the incident and they’re doing this for sole business purposes only. I’m surprised to say this but I’m quite excited for their new single.

  • Unsoultied

    I do not, in any way, whatsoever, condone Chris Brown’s actions and I do not think Rihanna should reconcile with him.  However, Rihanna is an adult. When she is 50 years old and the public has forgotten her, she needs to look at the person lying next to her and be happy with her decisions.  This her life.  She alone has to live with her regrets and her “what-ifs”.  Thus, she should not, and should not be expected to, make life-altering decisions based upon public expectations.