• Denise_12

    Some fairytale relationship might happen in real life…

  • Raven Clark

    Fairy tale relationship is not real I think, because it is just a fairy tale and none of those could happen..maybe in my dreams..LOL but how I wish it could be!!

  • Princess_Amythest

    I believe so. But i wish i could be in a fairytale too you know…having an evil enemy trying to stop you from doing everything you want is like a cursing scenario wherein you need to fight but in the end you will win is really exciting! 

  • Mitch

    Fairytale is just fairytale, we’re in a real life,fairytale is just a story that people make,but in real life we make our own story with a happy ending.

  • Ivory_16

    Kids love fairy tale and love story.. they also wish when they grow up they would be like them..

  • Chelle23

    ..fairy tale can make people be more inspired, like Cinderella, her step sisters are so bad because they’re jealous of her being so pretty and kind so they gave her lots of household chores.. those girls are
    too bad huh!!