• Sophia

    Who doesnt want Jayz and beyonce? I love them and thinking of how much they earn individually makes them over the top of the list. 

  • Josh

    These couples are very lucky to have fame, fortune and love on their side. I adore Beyonce and Jay-z because they are staying strong whatever issues they have. We all have shortcomings and they pretty handle it well.

  • Raven

    I will go with Brad and Angelina. They are the best looking couple on the list. ;D

  • Sheela

    I love Gisele! She really should be the highest-paid model because she earned it from hard work. They both look good together.

  • Pierre Hubbard

    Brad and Angelina already proved to the world that they can really last a lifetime. They don’t bother helping kids and raise them as their own. I admire them for that.

  • June

    So true. Like the list a lot ;)

  • Smithy Bear

    I didnt imagine that Elen will be on the list any ways this is really interesting to read.